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Hi :) My name is Tricia and this is my blogshop!

I currently run a homebased freelance nail salon and conduct classes too!!

Btw... you can find my various nail galleries in my Memories section and clicking on October

Have fun snooping around and feel free to comment or contact me @ 96948687 for any enquiries or to make an appointment

I look forward to hearing from all you future and potential Scratchers!! :)

Here's to beautiful nails...

xoxox trish.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Models Needed!!

Hey there! Looking for models on which to practice on for my competitions coming up... Manicure but most imptly for acrylic sculpture and acrylic french... Please let me know if any of you are interesed or free. Thanks!! :)

written @ 6:44 AM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Gelly with it

Hey Scratchers... I'm getting more into the gel thing now... and i'm thinking of getting a few more colours... but it's always dangerous cos I'll aways come back with more than I planned! I'm thinking of getting a deep shiny purple... but anyways i've been experimenting more with gels and have come up with some new techniques I've read and seen... so i'm glad about that :)

At the same time I am also experimenting more with acrylics and developing new powders of my own and new styles of application too :) Recently trying to perfect my snake skin effect... looks pretty much like snake skin i must say! Plus I've manage to find a powder that allows me to do a french nail and extend client's short nailbed so the nail looks naturally and beautifully long~~~ FINALLY. I say this cos I myself have tiny nail bed that does not look good in french... until now. Muahahahaha. Ok i dunno where that evil laugh came from.

Anyways just a reminder to u guys that Oct Gel Promo is coming to a close soon... so if you want to have urs done gimme a call soon!

I'm currently doing my mixed media nail art set for the Korea competition... man it's harder than i thought!! Ok back to my Candy Land.

written @ 7:47 PM

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gel Month~

Hey there! Good news! Last night saw the first 2 gel customers walk out of my home happy and excited with their gel nails and how they will be able to be trouble free for the rest of the month!

My first client did a nude pink gel overlay over her short nails with handpainted rose nail art on her thumbs... and my second client did a bright shimmer red gel with acrylic flowers on her thumbs :) They were determined to try out gel since they had never done so before... and it was a good opportunity to try whilst this promotion is on for the month of Oct...

Both clients had the same complaints about never being able to grow their nails out due to their nails always chipping and tearing... I used to have the same problem... but now that they've had their first dose... they have promised to come back for more as they love how natural it feels on their nails yet feeling how much stronger their nails are... No more splitting of nails when they wash their hair!

I have also had a request to have a basic nailcare workshop... and i'm considering opening a class... Let me know if any of u are interested!

written @ 2:58 AM

Friday, October 16, 2009

Clear Acrylic Sculpture with Roses

Decided to practice my acrylic skills and keep things fresh... so I tried doing a clear set and then covered up the smile lines with some roses which I have been practicing and perfecting...
All in all I must say i'm liking the clear base ^^ I'm usually more of a coloured and losta glitter kinda gal... but girlie is nice once in awhile. So here it is :)
Oh yes... Do leave me messages... my tagboard is lonely...

written @ 8:22 AM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Competition Time!

Hey there Scratchers! Ok... so... this girl will most likely be heading to Korea and HK for nail competitions from Nov 7th-15th. I just got word today that that's the time frame of the competitions... and now I'm deciding which segments to compete in :) Hopefully I'll bring something shiny back~~ *fingers crossed*

So just wanted to post a quick update that I will most likely be out of town during that time. This is so exciting though cos it's my first time competing... and it's an international competition!! I'm sooo looking forward to see how the competition venue will be like... and all the various vendors who will be displaying their wares and new products there at the expo... *excited*

More updates on this as I confirm the details and be sure to let u guys know first hand :)

written @ 11:39 PM

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gel Workshop

Hey there Scratchers!!! Yeah... that may be what I'll be calling u all from now on... *grinz*

Anyways... just gimme a show of hands to who would be interested in a little gel workshop this month. I am looking to conduct a class on what Gel is, the various kinds there are... what it can do for you... and how it can help you grow out your natural nails without breaks and chips :) There will also be a demonstration to show how its done and a Q & A session afterward to help clear up any of your nail questions.

The class will be conducted in a central location @ Upper Pickering Street (China Square)... coffee and snacks will be provided.... and the course fee of $50 will also included a complementary basic manicure.

If u're interested, or you know friends or family members who are, just drop me an sms @ 96948687 or leave a msg on the tagboard and let me know if you would prefer an afternoon slot or an evening slot and whether you prefer weekdays or weekends.

written @ 9:56 PM

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Acrylic Nails Gallery

Glitter French Tips with White Rose Nail Art
Purple Gradation with Floral Nail Art

Glitter Extension with Glow-In-The-Dark Heart Nail Art
Stiletto Nail
Purple to Pink to Clear Glitter Gradation with Bling
Purple Gradation with Heart Nail Art and Bling
Blue Gradation with Candy Nail Art and Bling
White French Tip with Glitter and White Rose Nail Art and Bling
Purple Glitter Gradation

written @ 8:34 AM

My Nail Art Samples

Romantic Rose Set
Roses and Pearls Set
Punk Rock Set
Classic Set

written @ 8:11 AM

My New Set of Nautical Gel Nails

Anchor's Ahoy!
Nautical Themed Gel Nails with Embellishments
Base Gel before embellishments

written @ 8:02 AM

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Promotion

"I'm Not Really A Waitress!" Tooties with white rose handpainted nail art
"I'm Not Really A Waitress!" Gel on natural nails
Blinged Out Tie Dye Gel Nails
Gel With Tie Dye Effect Before Embellishments

Blinged Out Gel Gradation Nails

Gradation Effect With 2 Colour Gels Before Embellishments
OCTOBER SPECIAL : 1 Colour Gel Overlay On Natural Nail @ only $45 (U.P. $80)

Gel used are high end OPI Axxium Soak Off Gels which boasts high lasting shine and durability. These gels serve as a protective layer over natural nails to prevent chips, cracks, splits and yellowing.
The gels come in OPI's 12 best selling nail polish colours so there's definately a colour for you!
They last about 3 weeks before either an infill is done or a new set is reapplied after soaking off the previous set. This is done in approx 15 mins with a soak off solution which is gentle to nails, and unlike other salons I DO NOT use PURE ACETONE to soak off gels. Rest assured, I use IBD's soak off solution to remove gels from nails.
For the first 3 customers, I will throw in a free soak off session worth $20!!
So what are you waiting for! Call me now for an appointment! For any queries you can also call me: Tricia - 96948687
Visit me often to find out about new promotions and view new photo updates in the gallery :)

written @ 12:55 AM

Friday, October 2, 2009

Services Offered and Price List

Basic Nail Care
Express Manicure- Shape and Polish $10
Rejuvinating Manicure- Full manicure $20
Additional Grapefruit Scrub- $5
Nail Repair with Silk Wrap System- $5 per nail

Nail Art
Handpainted Designs- $1-4/nail
Stickers- $5-8/set depending on design chosen
Stones- $1/Crystal, $1/Pearl
Metal Studs- $1/Large Metallic Stud, $0.50/Small Metallic Stud
Glitter- Additional glitter polish or loose glitter flakes $2/set
Acrylic 3D Art- $8-12/nail

*Range of prices depends on complexity of nail art design and number of colours used

*Nail Art Packages will be quoted based on chosen set design on a whole, package prices will be lower than individual nail prices.

Nail Extensions
Acrylic Tip Overlay- $90
Acrylic French Tip Overlay- $95
Acrylic Sculpture- $100
Acrylic French Sculpture- $120

All Gels Used are fully soakable- OPI Axxium and IBD
Gel Polish over Natural Nail- $80
Gel Tip Overlay- $120
Gel French Tip Overlay- $130
Gel Sculpture- $150
Gel French Sculpture- $170

Soak Off of Acrylic- $40 without and $20 with any additional service after soaking
Soak Off Gel- $50 without and $30 with additional service after soaking

written @ 11:56 PM

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi There And Welcome To My Blogshop!

My name is Tricia and I'm a certified nail technician certified by The Pink Room Int'l Professional Nail Academy as of Sept 2009 :)

I specialise in Nail Art, Extensions- Gel and Acrylic and also Bridal Nails.

I currently run a homebased business located in Toh Tuck Road with plans for my own shop soon. So please bear with me in the meantime and due to this I thus offer my services at a discounted price as compared to salons to make up for the inconvenience caused.

This is done despite my use of only the best products (which are of higher costs to me), so as to protect your safety and health at all times. Please note that there are many salons out there that cut costs by using dodgy products from China, and these products are often cancer causing in the long run.

I emphasize that I only use products that I have tried and tested on myself and have researched to ensure that they are of high quality before using them on clients.

Read on to the next entry for a complete list of all services provided...

written @ 1:32 AM