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Hi :) My name is Tricia and this is my blogshop!

I currently run a homebased freelance nail salon and conduct classes too!!

Btw... you can find my various nail galleries in my Memories section and clicking on October

Have fun snooping around and feel free to comment or contact me @ 96948687 for any enquiries or to make an appointment

I look forward to hearing from all you future and potential Scratchers!! :)

Here's to beautiful nails...

xoxox trish.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Gelly with it

Hey Scratchers... I'm getting more into the gel thing now... and i'm thinking of getting a few more colours... but it's always dangerous cos I'll aways come back with more than I planned! I'm thinking of getting a deep shiny purple... but anyways i've been experimenting more with gels and have come up with some new techniques I've read and seen... so i'm glad about that :)

At the same time I am also experimenting more with acrylics and developing new powders of my own and new styles of application too :) Recently trying to perfect my snake skin effect... looks pretty much like snake skin i must say! Plus I've manage to find a powder that allows me to do a french nail and extend client's short nailbed so the nail looks naturally and beautifully long~~~ FINALLY. I say this cos I myself have tiny nail bed that does not look good in french... until now. Muahahahaha. Ok i dunno where that evil laugh came from.

Anyways just a reminder to u guys that Oct Gel Promo is coming to a close soon... so if you want to have urs done gimme a call soon!

I'm currently doing my mixed media nail art set for the Korea competition... man it's harder than i thought!! Ok back to my Candy Land.

written @ 7:47 PM