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Hi :) My name is Tricia and this is my blogshop!

I currently run a homebased freelance nail salon and conduct classes too!!

Btw... you can find my various nail galleries in my Memories section and clicking on October

Have fun snooping around and feel free to comment or contact me @ 96948687 for any enquiries or to make an appointment

I look forward to hearing from all you future and potential Scratchers!! :)

Here's to beautiful nails...

xoxox trish.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey Scratchers! It's been awhile i know... that's cos i've been hard at work in my new office :) Not to forget about nails of course!!!

Just as Christmas is approaching, I have recently been asked alot about gel on short nails. Of course it can be done. Infact, it's ideal infact! I can explain more about the makeup of gel and how it works in person as I'm doing your nails... if u're interested to find out more... or if you would like to learn anythinabout nail or nail care, there are lessons available. I can customise classes for individuals or groups :)

Ok anyways back to nail pics... this one is the most recent set of simple gel nails with glitter that I have on now... easier for me to type at work! Even though i'm not used to having such short nails... and looking at them makes me feel like i'm looking at someone else's hands... but nevertheless, they're sparkly and nice hee ^^ I'm planning to add on additional hand painted snowflakes and snow to them when i find the time and energy in the next couple of days and I'll be sure to update you guys with pics... I actually did a sample of it which i really should take a photo of... but... yeah... don't worry i'll get round to it i promise.

As for these lil tootsies... they belong to a client who came to do a set of gel nails pre-Christmas hoping to beat the crowd... so i gave her a pink gradation, with glitter on the tips... and hand painted lace detail on each toe... topped off with stones and embellishments on the big toes... since they're gel... they should last all through Christmas and the new year no prob~~!! The beauty of gel. Which reminds me... my own set of gel on my toes have been on for 2 months now! They're all perfectly beautiful apart from the fact that the new nail has grown out quite abit now... but it's time for a change to something more festive anyways... so... more pics to come on that soon once I've completed it..

Incase u're all wondering... YES i shall be having a Christmas PROMOTION this year... once I have firmed up on the details I shall post it here for you guys :) I'll also post some Christmas designs for you to have a look... in the meantime... bye!!

written @ 8:50 AM