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Hi :) My name is Tricia and this is my blogshop!

I currently run a homebased freelance nail salon and conduct classes too!!

Btw... you can find my various nail galleries in my Memories section and clicking on October

Have fun snooping around and feel free to comment or contact me @ 96948687 for any enquiries or to make an appointment

I look forward to hearing from all you future and potential Scratchers!! :)

Here's to beautiful nails...

xoxox trish.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey guys :) I'm finally back from HK and Korea and boy... it's taken me 4 days to recuperate and to unpack and all that nonsense... right so here's the update and some pics from the trip.

As u guys know, I won 3rd place overall in Division 1 for my mixed media artwork and also won a special mention medal for my red polish manicure, both in Korea. Although there were enough people to fill an expo hall, apparently the size of this year's competition was lower due to the H1N1 alert in Korea currently... There were also half the number of exhibitors as compared to the usual, which was unfortunate for us all as I was looking forward to some good deals on nail stuff... in the end the only thing i managed to purchase were nail tips... but they're good quality and pretty anyways so it's all good. Oh yes! I also bought some stones and gems last min so that's good too!

This was taken from my seat just before the competition started... Mine were both back to back so it was pretty rushed... from 11.30am all the way till about 4pm!

Here I am with my winnings and certs with my Principal of Pink Room

I actually whipped out the set i was most pleased with and did a set of acrylic nails yesterday to give them a whirl and I must say that i'm likin them ^^ They would be perfect for bridal :) Scalloped french edges with cut out hearts at the smile line...very sweet and elegant at the same time...

This above set will be approx $150 for the extensions alone due to the imported nail tips... and the additional glitter colour... Handpainted lace and artwork will be charged seperately based on designs chosen... but the results speak for themselves... sweet and elegant yet super shiny with a gel topcoat... Don't worry I didn't forget about the bling~~ Bling was added to the underside of the nails... a *Scratch Nails Signature* *winks* To grab ur exclusive set of nails call soon to book before they run out!

I'll be posting more pics and stuff as I can... Blogger is not being very cooperative with me today so I shall try again later :)

By the way folks, those interested to do nails... please note that as from this coming monday onwards, I will be holding a full time office job... so I'll only be free to do nails either in the evenings or on weekends... I know I know... but this girl's gotta eat!! As such... please bear this in mind and I still hope to see u guys~~~

written @ 12:06 AM