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Hi :) My name is Tricia and this is my blogshop!

I currently run a homebased freelance nail salon and conduct classes too!!

Btw... you can find my various nail galleries in my Memories section and clicking on October

Have fun snooping around and feel free to comment or contact me @ 96948687 for any enquiries or to make an appointment

I look forward to hearing from all you future and potential Scratchers!! :)

Here's to beautiful nails...

xoxox trish.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Services Offered and Price List

Basic Nail Care
Express Manicure- Shape and Polish $10
Rejuvinating Manicure- Full manicure $20
Additional Grapefruit Scrub- $5
Nail Repair with Silk Wrap System- $5 per nail

Nail Art
Handpainted Designs- $1-4/nail
Stickers- $5-8/set depending on design chosen
Stones- $1/Crystal, $1/Pearl
Metal Studs- $1/Large Metallic Stud, $0.50/Small Metallic Stud
Glitter- Additional glitter polish or loose glitter flakes $2/set
Acrylic 3D Art- $8-12/nail

*Range of prices depends on complexity of nail art design and number of colours used

*Nail Art Packages will be quoted based on chosen set design on a whole, package prices will be lower than individual nail prices.

Nail Extensions
Acrylic Tip Overlay- $90
Acrylic French Tip Overlay- $95
Acrylic Sculpture- $100
Acrylic French Sculpture- $120

All Gels Used are fully soakable- OPI Axxium and IBD
Gel Polish over Natural Nail- $80
Gel Tip Overlay- $120
Gel French Tip Overlay- $130
Gel Sculpture- $150
Gel French Sculpture- $170

Soak Off of Acrylic- $40 without and $20 with any additional service after soaking
Soak Off Gel- $50 without and $30 with additional service after soaking

written @ 11:56 PM